Infrared lights can easily penetrate the skin, and thus it can work effectively in repairing the damaged nerves and tissues under the skin. Because of this very effective method, your skin’s appearance will greatly improve and blemishes can be reduced too. In fact, if you are experiencing any body pain, the infrared light can also soothe this condition as well.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a technology that has both cosmetic and healing effects. The word “healing” is defined as “the natural process by which the body repairs itself.” That is exactly what happens when the body is exposed to Red Light wavelengths.

Red Light in wavelengths between 630-660 nm (nanometers) has the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, energizing fibroblast cells that make collagen and elastin production. This is how the skin repairs damage and rejuvenates the skin’s overall appearance. The visible benefits from Red Light Therapy such as reduced wrinkles and firmer skin may seem like just a cosmetic enhancement, but it actually is the result of the body healing itself. Red Light Therapy targets and treats the entire face and body because the treatment is done in a full-sized bed similar to a tanning bed. While the Red Light bed may look like a tanning bed, Red Light Therapy is not dangerous because it produces a wavelength way outside of the UV range. Red Light is often referred to as near infrared light, why? Because as demonstrated in the visible light chart, light from 600nm -750nm is near or close to infrared light. Infrared light is outside of the visual light spectrum meaning we cannot see this wavelength of light with the human eye.

What causes skin to age?

Fibroblast cells are found in the dermis layer of the skin and are responsible for fabricating collagen. During sun exposure, stress, and through the normal aging processes, fibroblasts cells slow their collagen production. As aging continues, the quality of collagen is lessened, wrinkling becomes deeper and skin looses it’s firmness. Red Light Therapy has other healing uses that are extensive and outside the scope of this article. However, our facebook site is informative with ongoing articles and videos on Light Therapy.


This infrared technology is realistic as it has been developed using the methods of science. Compared to other lighting methods and beauty treatments that make use of UV rays, this light therapy is definitely safer and more effective. Noticeable results are expected to be seen in 1 to 3 months as the efficacy of the system will depend on a person’s age and overall skin condition.

Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

Yes, red light therapy appears to work in reducing the signs of aging. However, the length of time in achieving the desired results can vary from person to person. It is also advisable that maintenance treatments are utilized regularly, as not doing so will cause lines and age spots to appear again.

Our Recommendation:
We recommend using a red light therapy system if you’re into beautification and have the spare cash. The method is not only good in reversing the signs of aging but it is also helpful in enhancing your general health as well. During the actual therapy, even your joint and muscle pains can be relieved. A return to normal blood pressure has also been linked to exposure to infrared light, adding one more benefit to the list.


At this time, research has shown no side effects from this form of therapy, other than an occasional increase in discomfort for a short period of time after treating chronic conditions. This occurs as the body re-establishes new equilibrium points following treatment.


Results will depend on how often one uses Red Light Therapy, how much skin damage they are trying to repair, how old they are, and their skin type. Typically when a person goes at least three times a week for twelve consecutive weeks they will see noticeable results. Renew-U cannot stress enough the importance of commitment in keeping regular Red Light Therapy sessions. This is the one area that will separate the ones who will experience the youthful benefits of Red Light Therapy from those who miss out.

Red Light Therapy is not a quick fix, but rather a gradual self repair of all the skin damage done over time. The light waves stimulate your body to heal itself and this healing takes time.

The Committment

In order to make the red light therapy effective, you will need to commit to daily sessions during the first few weeks of treatment. After a while, 3 to 4 times a week may be recommended for you. And as maintenance, 1 to 2 days per week can usually suffice. For best results, you should make sure that your body and skin is totally clean. This will allow the infrared light to penetrate your skin more efficiently.

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