Tanning Accelerators and Intensifiers

Tanning Accelerators and intensifiers are the most popular and most highly recommended type of indoor sun tanning lotion at TANfastic Tanning Salon. Both Tan Accelerator and Tan Intensifier lotions have a specific purpose that helps you boost results. Read on to see how these lotions differ and how important they both are for getting the sun tanning results you crave.
Tan Accelerators - Primarily, Tan Accelerators help you build your initial base tan. They deliver essential moisture and nutrients to your skin that can help jumpstart the tanning process. These products are made specifically for tanners who are just getting started with developing their initial color.
Tan Intensifiers - These special lotions, sometimes called "Tanning Plateau" Intensifiers, are for regular tanners who have reached a plateau with their current color. They may have developed light base tans, but can't seem to get the deep, dark color they're really after. "Tanning Plateau" Intensifiers can kick your suntan into overdrive, taking your skin from having a nice bit of color to a deep, dark tan. Although all of the sun tanning lotions listed may be labeled as "accelerators" or "intensifiers," each one has an individual set of advantages and benefits. For a detailed description of each unique lotion and to decide which will be the best to use for your tanning goals, , please speak to one of our expert Tanning Consultants at TANfastic Tanning Salon.


Tan Extenders

Sun tan extenders are specialized lotions designed to do exactly what their name indicates: extend the life of your sun tan. They are made to replenish your skin with all the nutrients, vitamins, and moisture that is lost during UV exposure. And, skin that is healthier and more moisturized will hold a tan for much longer.
A moisturizer of some sort should be applied after every sun tanning visit, no matter your skin type or what stage your tan is currently in. That's why tan extenders are a no-brainer; it only makes sense to replenish lost nutrients and moisture to extend your tan.
Although these tanning lotions may all be grouped as "extenders," they each have their own set of advantages and benefits. For a detailed description of each unique tan extender and to decide which will be the best for your tanning goals, please speak to a Tanning Consultant at TANfastic Tanning Salon.


Sun Tanning Facial Lotions

Your face is the main feature that sets you apart from everyone else in the world. It's the part of you that attracts the most attention and, consequently, the part that you'll probably spend the most time primping. Unfortunately, the skin on your face is also one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of skin on your body. You simply cannot treat it the same way you would treat the rest of your skin. This is especially true when it comes to sun tanning.
Facial lotions have the same basic functions as a body tanning lotion (to moisturize your skin and replenish essential nutrients), but facial lotions are specially formulated to be much gentler on your face. Often the facial lotions will incorporate a bronzer or tint that is more suitable for your face and will concentrate the formula on firming the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.